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Our founder Kapil Agrawal has been fascinated with the audio & video entertainment domain since his engineering days. In his words, “This space is so enticing - it needs me to visualize & feel, rather than just program lines of code.” Small wonder then that he decided to build a career doing what he loved.

Early in his career, it occurred to Kapil that despite many product development companies, there were very few with a sharp focus on this specific domain. He sensed that the most crucial element in the long term success of products in this domain was the domain knowledge of engineers.

Media Magic was born to provide this specific domain engineering expertise. Since inception, the company has believed in domain focus, quality delivery, transparency and a customer-first attitude. The guiding philosophy has always been on building long term relationship rather than delivering transactional value.

As we have contributed in the many successes of our clients, we have become even more convinced of the validity of our beliefs. Living by our ideology, we continue to maintain our focus towards Smart Home, Home Entertainment, Smart Car, Music Streaming products & High Performance Mobile Applications with our Full Stack Product Development & Testing expertise.

We are -

A full-cycle product engineering company sharply focused on Smart Home, Home Entertainment, and Smart Car. Forward thinking companies come to us to bring their ideas to life and hit the market fast. Our clients focus on their customers & business growth, and depend on us to effectively address their engineering & testing needs.

Why Us ?

Successful product engineering requires more than just technology skills – this is even more true in the complex world of home entertainment, smart homes, and smart cars. In addition to a product development focus, it requires an understanding of the domain, knowledge of the wider ecosystem, and capabilities to visualize and build integrated solutions. This is where Media Magic stands apart.

Here is where the magic lies:

Full Stack Product Development

Software product engineering involves feasibility, design, development, testing & deployment. Development at OS, Middleware & Application layer – our expertise covers the entire Stack.

Industry Focus

The software development of smart products in the smart home, home entertainment, and smart car domains demands focus with integration understanding of how technology can make the life of the users better - We know how to fulfil this demand.

High-Performance Mobile Apps

High performing mobile apps require great usability, robust architecture, scalable design, and right technology. Optimal utilization of CPU, Battery, RAM become critical factors in ensuring their longer shelf life – We have razor-sharp focus, deep expertise and track record of success across this process.

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