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Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating those who work with me and aiming their efforts at a certain goal

- Walt Disney

Life at MMT

MMTians love innovating and programming and they thrive in an open work culture that encourages new ideas and the freedom to experiment.

At Media Magic, you are encouraged to be positive, value the efforts of your peers, and show your appreciation. The “Appreciation Gong” is always ringing for your small & big achievements.

Our core values are Transparency, Commitment & happiness in what you do – making Media Magic one of the happiest place to work in.

At Media Magic Technologies, the best young minds in the industry collaborate on cutting-edge engineering solutions and engagements for some of the world’s most pioneering companies.

If your mission is to “Empower world with technology, thereby making life of millions simpler”, come & join us to bring many ideas to reality

Why you should join MMT

Product Engineering is our DNA

We build full products, not just modules. As a part of Media Magic, you will be designing & developing products and will be exposed to the full product development life cycle.

Happy Work Culture

With so much negativity all around, we make a conscious effort to create a positive environment and work culture. We value positivity and transparency. Our open plan office facilitates collaboration. Our Growth meetings, Standup meets, Readers Group, Knowledge sharing sessions, and Refreshing Thursdays are all aimed at personal development, beyond just work.

Pay for Performance

MMtians who perform get rewarded – irrespective of level, title, years of experience, educational background or role. This approach carries over our appraisal process as well, which is very consultative and transparent.

Continuous Learning

With our Product Engineering DNA, your learning is not restricted to development or testing alone – you learn full cycle development, design and product architecture as well. We believe in continuous hands-on training, self learning and peer-to-peer learning. In the process, you get to learn leadership, management and communication skills as well.

Freedom with Responsibility

For those who are yearning for responsibility, we offer unlimited opportunities – client communication, being on interview panels, or handling a project are all possible – whether you have 1year experience or many. Of course, as you open up your mind, there are senior leaders to guide you in your journey.

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Life at MMT

Why you should join MMT

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