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“Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.”

- Bill Gates

Details of Industries

Smart Home

We are conscious that your Smart Home solutions are going to touch the lives of your millions of end customers. To make their experience great, we work extremely hard to put your product through the most rigorous testing.

The Smart Home ecosystem is fairly complex with elements such as security cameras, doorbells, multi-room speakers, smart TVs, video conferencing solutions, eLearning, lighting, temperature controls, etc. – all having a role to play. We understand each of these elements as well as the complete ecosystem. With our product strategy & engineering expertise, we ensure that your product fits perfectly.

What we offer :

  • System Integration of your product in existing framework & OEM
  • Mobile & multi device strategy
  • Rigorous product testing to ensure bug free products
  • Full stack development support

Smart Car

The Smart Car ecosystem is evolving rapidly. Several frameworks, such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Mirrorlink, for Connected cars & in-car infotainment, are already making an impact. Which should you choose for your infotainment, car health, bots, navigation, or tracking product? With our focus on smart car industry, we give you the engineering edge for designing and building the right solution.

What we offer :

  • Focus on High Performance engineering
  • Full stack product development
  • Strategy & technology assistance in integration of smart car frameworks.

Home Entertainment

Entertainment is taking center stage at homes, with products like wifi/bluetooth speakers, multi-room audio systems, internet music such as Amazon PrimeMusic, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, connected devices, smart TV, DLNA MediaServers, Video conferencing and many more, driven with the mobile. With our focus on building high-performance home entertainment embedded solutions and understanding of multi-device mobile strategy, we help your product spell music & video to the ears of your demanding customers.

What we offer :

  • Strategy, design, architecture, and engineering of the entertainment solutions.
  • Mobile apps with optimal utilization of CPU, RAM & battery.
  • Optimal utilization of existing opensource technologies.
  • Experience in understanding needs of your customers.

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Smart Home

Smart Car

Home Entertainment

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Smart Car

When you want to convert a Car into a Smart Car using,

  • In Car Entertainment
  • Car Bots
  • Car Health Monitoring
  • Vehicle tracking

MMT’s experience in building SMART solutions brings technology advantage to your vision and you will get competitive edge through our focus, quality, speed and domain expertise to make it happen.

For Smart Home and Smart Car, Using our expertise thru Integrations across devices / systems using:

  • Mobiles
  • Tablets
  • Voice Recognition

Connectivity plays a very critical role in delivering an enhanced user experience and Using our end to end expertise in IoT, we assist Smart Home & Car OEMs in strategy and technology using our multi device knowhows.

We work with business across the chip, system, and application layers to build amazing embedded products that rely on increasingly innovative hardware and more complex software designs. And making your Home and / or Car Smart is our passion.

Areas that we possess expertise are in: Smart Audio / Video, Smart lighting, Smart Entry / Exit, and many others.


Audio / Video Steaming

  • Adaptive Streaming Server & Client
  • HLS, Mpeg-DASH, smooth streaming
  • OEM Integration with - Music Streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Siriusxm, napster etc
  • Multi Platform / Multi Device performance based audio/video consumption strategy

Smooth delivery of content is very critical in providing optimal customer experience, especially in today’s era when a lot of content is accessed on the move. MMT knows how to build a software stack for a wide range of streaming technologies such as Real Time Streaming Protocol(RTSP), Progressive Download (PD), Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS), Http Live Streaming (HLS), MPEG-DASH and a Streaming player SDK that are optimized across many platforms such as Android, Windows, Linux and iOS. These streaming stacks ensure optimal content delivery even in varying bandwidth.

With our experience with Speaker Companies as well as Media Streaming Companies, we are right partner of choice for many in the Audio Video Streaming and Multimedia companies.

With our bottoms up experience, we are a perfect channel partner for Speaker Companies for Verification and Validation certification.