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“Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.”

- Bill Gates

High Performance Mobile Application Development

High Performance Mobile Application Development requires high focus on usability, stability of the application, as well as optimal utilization of underlying resources such as CPU, RAM and battery.

Media Magic Edge:

  • Unique Bottom up approach focused on low CPU & battery utilization
  • Understanding of complex multi-device environment
  • Specialized expertise in re-engineering of existing mobile applications to fine-tune for high performance

Integration of Music Streaming Services

In this connected world, the critical differentiator for the speakers, network players, Hi-FI home theaters, and AV receiver companies would be seamless integration with the music streaming services that their customers prefer. We have experience of working with the leading streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, Siriusxm, Amazon Music, Napster, SoundCloud...

With our experience and focused engineering expertise, we help you launch your products faster while ensuring the adherence to Certification guidelines and with consistent branding across products.

Media Magic Edge:

  • Experience of working with leading Music Streaming Services
  • Focus on usability with high performance engineering
  • Deep understanding of the Certification process – better compliance, greater chance of acceptance

Full Stack Product Development

Whether you are just starting or scaling an existing product, with our full stack engineering expertise & industry focus, you can be free from engineering worries & focus on your clients’ satisfaction and business growth.

Media Magic Edge:

  • Full-stack development – from kernel/driver to middleware to application
  • Understanding of performance & scalability requirements of software products
  • Specialized expertise in re-engineering of existing mobile applications to fine-tune for high performance
  • From embedded systems engineering to mobile apps – experience of multiple releases across platforms

Independent Product Testing

We understand the importance of bug free product for your niche industry. With our deep focus on smart home, home entertainment, smart car industry, we devise the right mix of testing strategies for your product – be it integration, performance, L18n, L10n, manual, automation or cloud testing. The testing strategies take into account the complete context in which they are likely to be used by the end customers

Media Magic Edge:

  • State-of-the-art lab for multi-device testing – such as speakers, home entertainment solutions, music and video mobile apps
  • Deep understanding of mobile app testing
  • Product testing and integration testing to ensure effective product functioning in the overall ecosystem

Go-To-Market With Version 1.0

Domain and Technology expertise to help your version 1.0 launch – in the fastest possible time.

Bringing your product idea to life – we leverage agile methodologies, our domain knowledge, industry focus and technology expertise to get your MVP & Version 1.0 launched in the shortest possible time. We are the technology partners to early stage startups and mid-size companies looking to launch innovative products under challenging budget and time constraints.

Media Magic Edge:

  • Proven track record from concept to design, to development, to launch
  • Full stack product development expertise.
  • A practical approach to offer continuous visibility and iterative control to clients

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